ATLANTA, June 2, is a new service that provides professional help and a guidebook to investors who are ready to fire their financial advisor.

“People simply don’t know they can easily switch advisors by signing some paperwork. They think they’ll have to have a difficult confrontation with their current advisor, so they don’t take action” says co-founder Dave Dickinson. expects its service will be of particular value to women. Women often take a back seat to their spouse when it comes to working with a financial advisor. They often feel left out and are ready to find a new advisor after the death of their spouse or a divorce. educates investors about the need to find an advisor who acts as a fiduciary. A fiduciary is legally obligated to act in their clients’ best interest. When it comes to financial advisors only a few can fit this requirement.

“It’s simple to find out if an advisor is a fiduciary” says Dickinson, “Just ask them”. “If they are not fiduciaries, simply realize that they may not be legally required to act in your best interest.”

The guidebook, available for free on the website, is titled “It’s Your Money, The Pain-Free Guide to Transferring Your Investment Accounts”. It outlines the steps an investor should take to move their investment accounts to another advisor, or begin managing their money themselves.

A financial advisor will follow up with the investor after they receive the guidebook to answer questions or provide assistance. The follow-up is free and the investor can choose to be contacted by phone or email.


Dave Dickinson and Delwin Holeman saw that many investors faced a problem when they wanted to leave their financial advisor. Investors felt that it would require a confrontation, so they would often decide to just stick it out and hope for better results. was created to spread the word that leaving an advisor can be easy to do. The website educates people on what qualities to look for in an advisor so that their choice of a new advisor is better suited to their needs.

Dave Dickinson,, 850-270-6359

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